Booking & Promotion agency 
with 35 years experience of live music and journalism

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My agency has booked round 1.900 concerts in 29 countries (single gigs, tours, festivals, clubs etc) since I started it in 2005. 
It's based in Malmö, South Sweden. I also promote live and recorded music and events, for example CD promotion on behalf of artists or labels. Today I represent a handful of groups (jazz, blues, crossover…), among others:
(click the band's name to go to its web site) - please note that in some cases, I work with them only in certain regions, for example in Scandinavia.

#     Arild Andersen
#     Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado
#      Etienne Mbappé & The Prophets
#      Marius Neset
#      Sinne Eeg
#     Ellen Andrea Wang
#      Eyolf Dale Wolf Valley
#      Jakob Bro
#      Malene Mortensen
#      Eliel Lazo
#      New Jungle Orchestra
#      Phronesis
#      The Men

The list of bands/artists that I booked gigs for, both in Sweden and abroad, is long. Today it's probably almost 100 bands. If you are curious, here's a list I made some years ago, it can be found HERE
In the past, I represented legends like Abdullah Ibrahim (2007 - 2014) and Tomasz Stanko (2010 - 2015) in Scandinavia  and in 2006, I booked  the first two concerts here for Tony Allen and his band.


I also produce some events, for example

# Grand Soul & Jazz in Lund (2011 -  )
# Kristianstad Jazz Festival (2007 – 2008)
# Jazzy Ladies at Pori Jazzfestival (2009)

More about those events HERE


Before I became a musician, I took a degree in journalism in Gothenburg (JHG). Now and then, I still do some writing. Here are links to some of my articles and reviews

# Douglas Rushkoffs bok "Present Shock" (DN June 2013)
# English version of article about Rushkoff’s ”Present Shock”
# ”Den digitale tidsalder stjæler tiden”, from Politiken (DK)  
Orkesterjournalen om kommersialismen
Om tyskarnas folkmord och koncentrationsläger i Namibia 
# English version of my article about genocide and concentration camps in Namibia
# Music journalism from Lira, Allaboutjazz and Jefferson





# Presentation of me in English /Swedish version
"Från turnerande musiker till artistagent", from Sydsvenskan
# "Med bassen i baksetet”, interview from Ranabladet Norway
# Interview with me by Lisa Lystam in Jefferson p. 1 p. 2
Interview with Thorbjørn Risager and me about our ten year    anniversary